Keep DeKalb Beautiful

Keep DeKalb Beautiful (KDB) is part of DeKalb County's Beautification Unit. KDB is committed to supporting and maintaining a clean and sustainable environment through maintenance, beautification projects, education and community engagement.

To make a service request, please contact(404) 294-2010 or


 Project NameStatus
Date Scheduled
Panola Rd Mowing (s)Scheduled6/13/20183
Galahad Dr Mowing (s)Scheduled6/12/20182
Lloyd Rd Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20183
Columbia Dr Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20183
JFK Shepherd Road Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20183
Lithonia Industrial Blvd Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20185
Proctor Ave Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20184
Kelly St Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20184
Barkside Ct Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20182
Whites Mill Rd Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20183
Rainbow Cir Mowing (s)Scheduled6/11/20183
Warren Ave Mowing (s)Scheduled6/6/20183
Young Rd Mowing (s)Scheduled6/6/20184
South Royal Atlanta Dr Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20181
North Royal Atlanta Dr Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20181
Mountain West Ct Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20181
Mountain West Tr Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20181
Hollywood Dr Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20182
Scott Blvd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20182
North Decatur Rd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20182
North Druid Hills Rd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20182
East Conley Road Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20183
Moore Rd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20183
Conley Rd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20183
Cedar Grove Rd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20183
Valley Brook Rd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20184
Norman Rd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20184
South Wiggins St Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20185
Swift St Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20185
Norris Lake Rd Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20185
Norris Lake Dr Litter (s)Scheduled6/18/20185