Suspect wanted for two violent home invasions

DeKalb police are looking for this man - a suspect in two violent home invasions in Clarkston and Stone Mountain.

A violent home intruder wanted by Clarkston police for attacking and robbing two young women in their home has allegedly struck again – this time in Stone Mountain.

The suspect – described as a thin but muscular black man in his late forties with short-to-medium-length curly black hair and a short, greying beard – broke into the women’s Market St home in Clarkston on May 11, violently attacked the women and fled with electronics.

Stone Mountain police say the following day, on May 12, the same man let himself into the James B Rivers Memorial Dr home of Stewart Wallace, who had accidentally left his back door unlocked before going to bed.

Wallace told media he woke to find the suspect standing in his bedroom doorway, holding a steak knife from the kitchen and a can of spray paint.

“He pushed me down in the bed, grabbed my neck and was choking me,” Wallace told WSB-TV on May 19. “At one point he pushed me down on the bed, pulled out the aerosol can and literally covered my face with paint.”

The suspect punched Wallace in the face a couple of times and also stole electronics from the home, after smoking a cigar in the living room and eating deli meat from the refrigerator while Wallace slept.

Stone Mountain Detective Terry Burton said some items recovered by police have led officers to believe the same suspect is responsible for both the Clarkston and Stone Mountain home invasions.

“It’s very surprising,” he said. “We’ve never had anything quite like that occur in the city.”

Clarkston Detective James McKinney said the incidents are “very random.”

“This is very disturbing because the victims don’t know the suspect at all."

Police have released sketches and video footage of the suspect.

In the Clarkston incident, police said the suspect knocked on the door of the victims’ home, in the 3900 block of Market St, during the morning of May 11 and asked whether they had any work he could do.

After the women turned him away, they left the house. But when they returned later in the day, shortly after 5 p.m., they found the man inside.

He allegedly beat them up before fleeing on foot.

Clarkston police said the women suffered significant blunt force trauma injuries.