Summer intern jobs are available to DeKalb youth that don’t attend school, through a federally-funded program administered by the county.

DeKalb out-of-school youth, aged between 16 and 24, can earn up to $2,500 over the eight-week program, which pays $9 an hour.

Applicants have until May 21 to register for internships through the WorkSource DeKalb department of the county government.

There are 150 positions left for the internships, which run from June 4 through July 27.

“WorkSource DeKalb is having difficulty finding eligible candidates for these needs-based positions,” a May 11 county press release stated.

To be eligible, applicants must live in DeKalb and not attend any school.

They must also meet criteria under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which is the legislation that federal funding is provided through.

The out-of-school intern positions are part of the second annual DeKalb Works program sponsored by DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond and the Board of Commissioners in conjunction with WorkSource DeKalb.

In total, the program provides 400 summer jobs for youth, half of which are funded by DeKalb County and the other half by the federal government through the WIOA.

The 150 positions earmarked for out-of-school youth make up 75 percent of the WIOA-funded jobs.

To apply, visit before May 21, or contact WorkSource DeKalb Youth Services at or 404-687-3400.

WorkSource DeKalb is fully funded by the U.S. Department of Labor and is a partner of the American Job Center Network.