Black churches to stage Day of Action rally across from the White House

Reginald Jackson

Black churches nationwide are being summoned to Washington, D.C., to stand against bigotry and xenophobia at a “Call to Conscience – Day of Action” on Sept. 6 across from the White House.

Bishop Reginald Jackson, president of the Bishops Council of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, said that in "calling the nation to its conscience," church leaders  will challenge not only the American people, but also Congress on policies and legislation that are unjust, divisive and detrimental to the nation.

“We are calling pastors, congregants, and citizens from across the country to join us in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 5 and 6, as we call the nation to conscience,” Jackson said.

He said that in today's environment, ideology has become more important than principle, and party more important than country.

"Conscience, and the rightness or wrongness of their actions, don't seem to matter,” Jackson said. “The  president lies and pits people against each other because it works to energize his base. We must remind the nation that because something works, doesn't make it right.”  

The group has designated Sept. 2 as “Social Justice Sunday,” and is asking every pastor to preach a sermon related to social justice.

“There are some who think the Black Church is weak and has little strength or influence,” Jackson said. “This thinking is incorrect. We are at war, and we call all soldiers to active duty.”

Jackson said the coming-together will also kick off the black church’s efforts for the midterm elections.

“Our priority will be to register, educate, organize and mobilize our people to vote in November,” he said. “If blacks turn out in large numbers, we will determine the outcome in a large number of races.”

For more information call 770-220-1770.


Wednesday, Sept. 5th

Reid Temple AME Church, 11400 Glenn Dale Blvd, Glenn Dale, Md.

9am: Strategic Planning Session for Bishops, Denominational Leaders, Pastors, Attendees

12:30pm: Lunch - Reid Temple AME Church

2pm: Leaders Meet with Congressional Leadership - Pastors, Laity visit their Congressional members' offices

7pm: Worship Service - Reid Temple AME Church, 11400 Glenn Dale Blvd, Glenn Dale, Md.

Thursday, Sept. 6th

9am: Assemble, Lafayette Park - Across from the White House

10am: "Call to Conscience - Day of Action" - Lafayette Park

12:30pm: Lunch, Metropolitan AME Church, 1518 M St. NW, Washington, D.C.

2pm: Press Conference, Metropolitan AME Church, 1518 M St. NW, Washington, D.C.