Teen and young adult drivers charged with traffic offenses  can learn the consequences of distracted driving at the quarterly Traffic Violators Impact Program hosted by  DeKalb State Court Judge Kiesha R. Storey starting Jan. 10.

The program, previously called the Teen Victim Impact Program, seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of risky driving behaviors for young drivers facing traffic citations for speeding, texting while driving, and causing an accident by violating the rules of the road.   

It is a Department of Driver Services-approved driver improvement courses and courts and prosecutors from many metro-Atlanta jurisdictions send participants, who will hear and watch stories of young people who thought a serious crash would never happen to them, and end up learning the tragic consequences of taking risks and failing to pay attention while driving. 

The Traffic Violators Impact Program takes place 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Courtroom A of the DeKalb County State Court Traffic Division at 3630 Camp Circle in Decatur.

The other 2019 programs are set for April 11, July 11 and Oct. 10.

Participants can register at  www.tvip.org,  or in person at the event. 

There is a $40 fee for attendees who need a certificate of attendance for court purposes. Others can attend for free if they do not need a certificate.