The city of Lithonia's annual farmers market kicks off on June  8.

The market, which features a range of fresh vegetables, fruits and preserves, takes place from noon to 4 p.m. on Main Street.

The themed market will run every Saturday through Oct. 18. 

June's theme is "Celebrating Lithonia's Businessess." In July, it will be "Celebrating Lithonia's Youth & Sxchools."

In August, it will be "Celebrating Faith & Family;" in September, "Celebrating Lithonia's Elders:" and in October, it will be "Lithonia's 'Pink' Health Market Breast Cancer Awareness."

EBT/SNAP customers, who spend up to $50, get $2 worth of fresh food for every $1 they spend.

Customers who sign up could win gifts for themselves, church, school or non-profit.