Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson

South DeKalb residents concerned about crime can attend an April 16 Public Safety Town Hall at Bob Mathis Elementary School.

The town hall, hosted by DeKalb Commissioner Larry Johnson, will answer questions on everything from the police to the courts.

Johnson, who represents District 3, said he is hosting the town hall because public safety should be on everyone’s agenda.

“We must continue to be vigilant about crime prevention and building a safe and vibrant community,” he said, adding that people should attend because resources will be offered on prevention programs, summer youth programs, and ways to be part of the solution. 

“Experts and public safety officials will be on hand to assist with issues as well,” he said.

Johnson will be joined at the town hall by representatives from DeKalb County Police and Sheriff, and from the offices of the District Attorney, Solicitor General, and Marshall. The Juvenile Court, Human Development, Community Service Board, Human Services, Community Development, Access to Capital for Entrepreneurs, and DeKalb County School District will also be present.

The town hall starts at 6 p.m.

Bob Mathis Elementary is at 3505 Boring Road in Decatur.

For more information, contact LaShun Atwaters at or 404-371-2988.