Forts offer a view of soldiers’ lives on Independence Day

Independence Day celebrations at Fort Morris in Midway, and at Fort King George in Darien will feature Colonial history through musket and cannon firings, as well as with colonial games and skills, prizes and music.

Families can celebrate July 4 with colonial games and skills, prizes, music, and musket and cannon firings at Fort Morris Independence Day Colonial Faire in Midway, Ga., or experience Cannons Across the Marsh at Fort King George in Darien, Ga.

Both historic sites are operated by Georgia State Parks.

At the 67-acre Fort Morris, visitors will learn about the fort’s importance during the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and other conflicts. For the nation's birthday, they can play colonial games and music, and witness musket and cannon firings. They will also get to stand within the earthwork remains and view scenic Saint Catherine's Sound.

A museum and film describe the colonial port of Sunbury and the site’s history.

Visitors can also borrow binoculars and a field guide to go birding to catch glimpses of downy woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers, goldfinches, wood storks, painted buntings, great egrets and many other coastal species.  

Admission is $3 to $4.50. Fort Morris is at 2559 Fort Morris Road in Midway. For more information, call 912-884-5999.

Cannons Across the Marsh

A day of artillery drills, musket firings and soldier's life activities takes place  10 a.m. to  4 p.m. at Fort King George in honor of Independence Day. 

Free watermelon and lemonade will be served.

The fully reconstructed garrison is the oldest English fort remaining on Georgia's coast.

From 1721 until 1736, Fort King George was the southern outpost of the British Empire in North America.

In addition to the many fort buildings, remains of three sawmills and tabby ruins are still visible.

Admission is $4.50 to $7:50.

The fort is in at 302 McIntosh Road S.E. in Darien. 

For more information, call 912-437-4770.

For more information on both forts, visit