Kudos, CrossRoadsNews: A free press will save us when all else fails

Ed Williams

I read your newspaper every week. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to publish a community newspaper. I have noticed that the newspaper has included more writers. Keep up the good work.

The article Lyle Harris wrote on Publix and Kroger stores in the Nov. 25, 2017, issue was good. I hate that some of our elected leaders are a day late and a dollar short.

It’s telling that the SDIA organization apparently did not even know about the closure while the NAACP and other community group are standing by helplessly.

Our stores and banks are closing in our neighborhoods, schools are failing and crime is going up, while dollar stores are proliferating everywhere.

I liked Curtis Parker’s perspective in terms of MARTA expansion projects in the Nov. 25, 2017, Forum section. I liked the comparison in costs, different ideas and the visual pictures. The full page was worth every word of truth.

A free press will save our community when all else fails. Even when our elected officials cannot see the light.

Ed Williams is chairman of the Concerned Citizens for Effective Government.