Thanks for the outpouring of support, now please help us take care of business
Thanks for the outpouring of verbal support, now please help us take care of business

Jennifer Parker

In the week since our Aug. 17 announcement that we will no longer print CrossRoadsNews, my husband Curtis and I have found out just how much our community loves and respects the newspaper.

I have heard from readers, community leaders, and newspaper publishers from across our region and the country who are also in this struggle to publish news with fewer dollars and rising printing costs.

Thanks for the telephone calls, the emails, the kind comments posted on our CrossRoadsNews Facebook page, the hugs – oh, the hugs; I really needed them – and all the other expressions of support.

In the last week, I have been called “the Queen of Print,” not to be confused with the Queen of Soul, who shared the CrossRoadsNews cover with our heartbreaking announcement; and the newspaper,  “the voice" of DeKalb County.

Many of you expressed your passion for what we do, and wondered who will do the heavy lifting on local news coverage when we are no longer here. Some of you said that we are too important a voice to lose.

Some of you have said you will subscribe. We are looking forward to that uptick in reader subscriptions, and in advertising from local businesses on our website, because without revenues we cannot pay reporters, copyeditors, digital editors and graphic designers to do the work.

In this era of Trump tariffs and the migration of advertising dollars to internet giants like Facebook and Google, community newspapers like ours must be supported by the consumers of our work – you the readers –  if we are to survive. 

Maybe there is a future for us in the nonprofit model, perfected by public broadcasting.

We will see.

Many of you have asked me how you can help.

Right away, you can help us pay the outstanding invoices for our last eight issues.

If you picked up, read, was blessed by, or found any value in the stories in our July 21, July 28, Aug. 4, Aug. 11 or Aug. 18 editions, please send a donation. You can drop it by our office, mail it to CrossRoadsNews, 2346 Candler Road, Decatur, GA 30032, or send it via, addressed to

Your donation doesn’t have to be large – every bit will help.

Many of you have expressed support for our plans to continue covering the news from In conversations with those who asked, I have indicated that our website can only continue with subscription and advertising support.

You can also help us by supporting the advertisers on our website – they need you as much as we do.

In the meantime, please continue telling us on Facebook what CrossRoadsNews has meant to you.

It warms our broken hearts.

– Jennifer Parker is the editor and publisher of CrossRoadsNews. She and her husband Curtis launched CrossRoadsNews in May 1995.