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So, you want to become a millionaire. You know your goal, but maybe it seems too far off in the distance, too improbable, too unattainable, for an everyday person like you to reach. You’ve seen the success stories on TV, but those people inherited their money, had high-paying jobs, or hit it…

It’s all about timing when harvesting cucumbers for eating fresh or preserving as dill or sweet pickles. Picking these low-calorie vegetables ensures the best flavor, greatest nutritional value and suitability for pickling.

Trump’s serial scandals — Stormy Daniels, the Russia investigation, the Paul Manafort verdict, the Cohen guilty plea, the juvenile tweets — fill the headlines. Beneath the noise, however, Trump’s appointees and the Republican Congress are relentlessly pursuing a radical right-wing agenda tha…

I don’t know why Aretha Franklin’s transition hit me so hard and affected me so deeply. I have never met her. She’s just a pop culture superstar. Right? Marvin, Michael, and Whitney all preceded her in death. When they left I listened to their music and admired their greatness. But now I am …

In 1979, professor Derrick Bell wrote a book titled, “And We Are Not Saved: The Elusive Quest for Racial Justice.” A teacher of constitutional law at Harvard Law School, Bell deftly illustrates several ways the Constitution of the United States comes short of assuring the full and equal citi…

I attended the Consent Decree Community Update that DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond held on Dec. 19, 2017, to brief the public on the status of the county’s $1.345 billion consent decree.

For the past nine months, the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress have been fixated on repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, taking health care away from millions of Americans, thousands of Georgians, and our most vulnerable neighbors and friends.

While much of the country is focussed on the NCAA men

s basketball "March Madness" tournament, the White House has unleashed a March Massacre, its

skinny budget

plan, for 2018. Budgets often seem impenetrable, packed with a blizzard of numbers too big to comprehend. But budgets are value statements. They tell us what we value and what we discount. President Donald Trump

s budget reveals who counts and who does not.

The final days of the Obama presidency are upon us. His popularity is rising with the economy, and with the increasingly stark contrasts to his successor. It is worth being clear about the legacy that he leaves behind.


m a football player, and I

m gay.

With those words, Michael Sam, an All-American defensive end from the University of Missouri, demonstrated courage far beyond that demanded on the football field.